About Plikt.no

Plikt.no was created by the Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies, through Dinutvei.no, on behalf of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security. The website aims to help raise awareness of the duty to avert violent and sexual offences. Plikt.no was launched in 2019 and is part of a package of measures in the action plan against violence in close relationships 2014–2017, “A Life without Violence”.

The duty to avert violence or abuse

We all have a duty to seek to prevent anyone from being subjected to serious criminal acts, acts that could endanger life and health. The duty to avert criminal acts applies to everyone, both professionals with a duty of confidentiality, and private individuals.

Many are unfamiliar with the duty to avert criminal acts. A 2018 survey by the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs shows that 74 per cent of us have not heard of it. Only one in ten employees in the national health service, schools, kindergartens, after-school programmes or recreational clubs know about the duty to avert criminal acts and what it entails.

The duty to avert criminal acts is particularly relevant for occupational groups that work with people, and who may find themselves in situations where they must consider whether they have a duty to seek to avert abuse or serious violence. Lack of knowledge about and different understanding or practice of the duty to avert criminal acts can, in the worst case, lead to victims of violence and abuse not receiving the necessary help in time. It can also create challenges in the collaboration between different professionals and professional groups.

At Plikt.no, you will find information about the duty to avert criminal acts and how you can do so in collaboration with the person concerned. You will also find an overview of which violent and sexual offences you may have a duty to avert. Plikt.no is intended to be a guide when you find yourself in situations where you are unsure if you have a duty to avert violence or abuse.

Many thanks to everyone who, through insight analysis, meetings, telephone conversations and e-mails, has contributed useful input to Plikt.no, and for generously sharing your knowledge, experiences and thoughts with us.